Briana Burton

Position title: Associate Professor of Bacteriology

Website: ResearchGate Profile

Phone: Office: (608) 890-0510
Lab: (608) 262-3290

4478 Microbial Sciences Building


B.A. with Honors, Integrated Science Program, Biological Sciences: Molecular and Cell Biology, Northwestern University 1998
Ph.D. Biology, Massachusetts Institiute of Technology, 2003
Postdoctoral Research: Harvard Medical School

Areas of Study

Mechanisms of membrane-associated macromolecular transport machines

Research Overview

How do cells move one of the largest and most hydrophilic biological molecules across hydrophobic membrane barriers? This is the broad question our laboratory seeks to understand. In bacteria alone, this process is involved in the transfer of antibiotic resistance, spore formation, and proper chromosome segregation during growth. Yet, very little is known about the molecular mechanism of DNA translocation across membranes in any system, as tools to study the mechanism of DNA transporters in their biological context at the membrane have been lacking. We combine in vitro and in vivo biochemistry, microscopy, microbiology and molecular biology to study these DNA transport complexes.



Microbiology 470: Microbial Genetics & Molecular Machines

Micro 612: Prokaryotic Molecular Biology

Micro 875 Special Topics: Masters Degree Seminar